Friday 4:00 4th-5th grade Ballet/Jazz/Tap 

will perform All their dances in BOTH the 10:00 & 12:15 show 

Thursday 5:00 K-1st Hip Hop

will perform their dance in BOTH the 10:00 & 12:15 show

Tuesday 2nd Grade 5:20 Hip Hop

will perform their dance in BOTH the 10:00 & 12:15 show

Thursday 7:15 Hip Hop

will perform their dance in BOTH the 10:00 & 12:15 show

Please arrive 15 minutes before the performance begins
with your dancer dressed in their first costume (see below for first costume), hair and make-up performance ready

Middle School and High School classes have on stage warm up at 9:00am

Please Do Not bring anything extra 
ie: toys, games, food, drink 
(Performers in both shows ~ water bottle & a snack are OK)

Each class will have a designated area backstage with a chaperone assigned to each class
Parents may drop-off backstage and find their seats for the performance
Backstage help will assist with costume changes etc. during the performance

Recital Assignments:



Brown eyeshadow

Black or Brown mascara

Black or Brown eyeliner

Pink blush

Red Lipstick (no pink)

Miss Joslyn's Dance

Bobby pins

Hairpins (if making a bun)


Hair Gel

Invisible Hairnets (if making a bun)

Saturday April 28th 10:00am

First Position Monday 1:30

First Position Saturday 8:45

First Position Tuesday 10:45

Ballet/Tap Thursday 4:00

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Wednesday 4:00

Hip Hop Wednesday 5:15

Saturday April 28th 12:15

First Position Friday 10:45

First Position Saturday 9:30

Ballet/Tap Monday 4:00

Ballet/Tap Saturday 10:15

Hip Hop Friday 5:30

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Tuesday 4:00

Monday 5:00 Ballet/Modern/Lyrical

will perform ALL their dances in the 12:15

 They will perform 1 or 2 dances in the 10:00

Thursday 5:45 Modern/Jazz/Tap

will perform ALL their dances in the 12:15

They will perform 1 or 2 dances in the 10:00

Friday 6:15 B/J/T/L

will perform ALL their dances in the 12:15

They will perform 2 dances in the 10:00​​

Dress Rehearsal April 27th

Westwood High School Auditorium

All dancers please arrive in costume, practice tights,  hair & make-up performance ready

2nd-12th grade Ballet costumes first if you are in multiple dances

Please do not wear underwear under your costume​​

Regular class will be held the week of Recital: April 23, 24, 25, 26

"What is my first Costume?"

​All students 2nd-12th grade arrive in Ballet costume for Dress Rehearsal
for Recital:

2nd grade arrive in Tap 
3rd grade arrive in Jazz (unless you are in Hip Hop....then please arrive in HH)
Friday 4:00 arrive in Ballet
Monday 5:00 class arrive in Ballet
Thursday 5:45 arrive in Tap
Friday 6:15 arrive in Lyrical

Recital 2018


Dress Rehearsal April 27th

Recitals April 28th

*both events will be held at Westwood High School Auditorium


Tickets will go on sale March 1st

each show is 1 hour long

To purchase recital tickets your tuition must be paid in full 


Bring cash or check to dance class or send to:

1645 High St Westwood Ma 02090
Checks can be made payable to: Joslyn Carter
There is no ticket limit per family

Tickets are: $15 each ($10 for ages 5 and under)
Ticket orders will be passed out in class before Recital


If your dancer appears in both shows,

you must buy tickets to both if you would like to see the 10:00 and the 12:15

You are welcome to drop off. Each class has a chaperone assigned to them backstage

Tickets will be available at the door the day of the performance
But please purchase your tickets ahead of time
Tickets will be limited on the day of the performance

“Babes in Arms” Policy ~ Fire regulations require every person have a ticket in order to enter the performance (with the exception of infants in carriers) all toddlers and children must have a ticket even if they may be sitting in your lap for the performance

​​Dress Rehearsal Times:

3:30-4:00 (arrive 3:25)

Monday 1:30 First Position

Tuesday 10:45 First Position

Saturday 8::45 First Position

4:00-4:20 (arrive 3:45)

Friday 10:45 First Position

Saturday 9:30 First Position

4:20-4:45 (arrive 4:15)

Monday 4:00 Ballet/Tap

Thursday 4:00 Ballet/Tap

Saturday 10:15 Ballet/Tap

Thursday 5:00 Hip Hop

4:45-6:10 (arrive 4:30)

​Tuesday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz/Tap

Wednesday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz/Tap

Tuesday 5:20 Hip Hop

​Wednesday 5:15 Hip Hop

6:00-7:25 (arrive at 5:30)

Friday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz Tap

Thursday 5:45 Modern/Jazz/Tap

6:30-7:25 (arrive at 6:15)

Friday 5:30 Hip Hop

7:00-7:25 (arrive at 6:45)

Thursday 7:15 Hip Hop

7:25-9:00 (arrive 6:55)

Monday 5:00 Ballet/Modern/Lyrical

Friday 6:15 Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Lyrical​​​

Gary Antle Productions will be professionally recording both performances

You may also place orders the day of the recital or online at